C compilers and UNIX environments for win32

  • MinGW - Minimalist GNU for windows, provides gcc, make and other free development tools for windows.
  • GNU-Win32 a lot of UNIX utility for windows
  • Cygwin - Free complete UNIX environment for windows. Cygwin binaries are a bit slower than MinGW ones, though.

C# utilities

  • Microsoft .NET Framework SDK - The whole .NET SDK including a C# compiler and language documentation.
  • Mono - A free and complete .NET implementation for *nix systems, but still in the works.
  • SharpDevelop - A free and high quality IDE for C#.
  • JFE and SciTE - Free and powerful source code editors with syntax colorizing for several languages, including C#.
  • Reflector - A class browser for .NET components/assemblies. Very useful for glancing at an API's dependencies and functions.
  • CppDoc a tool producing JavaDoc from C# and C++ code. the comment are the javadoc one too...

Graphics and mutimedia

  • Terrain Engine a 3D world engine
  • OpenScene a 3D world engine
  • Virtual Terrain a 3D world engine

  • SDL - A cross-platform multimedia library designed to provide fast access to the graphics framebuffer and audio device.
  • C# SDL the C#/.NET wrapper for SDL is now available here.
  • OpenGL - The industry's foundation for high performance graphics.
  • ParaGUI - A cross-platform widget set built on top of SDL.
  • NeHe - A reference OpenGL tutorial. Very recommended for OpenGL-newbies.

OpenGL skillfulled user

  • Lindtsro & Roettger PHD in Computer science, specialize in computer graphics with valuable papers, articles, ...
  • Lev Povalahev - good guy ! With interesting resources about extension and some other topics.

Game development links

  • flipCode - News for professional game developers.
  • GDSE - A game development search engine.
  • Gamedev - A lot of utilities, tutorial, etc...